Folk Dance Course for Young Dancers: Hilmar Ung!

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The folk dance environment has many young dancers around the country – but SØLVSAGT is there for more! Who knows, maybe you host dance course during the Hilmar festival this year?

At Hilmar: UNG we create a meeting place for young people across the organizations and country. Here one will be acquainted with other people, on courses with great instructors. You will also get festival experiences at the Hilmar Festival.

Åshild Riiber and Petter Johansson are this year’s instructors.

When do they start with folk dance?

We both grew up in folk dance families in Norway and Sweden. We grew up in the folk dance environment and we kept on dancing.

What is the most important job they do, as instructors?

We will inspire, contribute to development, good group dynamics and excitement. We wish that when the weekend is over, the participants want to dance more, and they go away with dance in their veins.

Are you looking forward to coming to Steinkjer in November?

YES! We are really looking forward to meeting new people and focusing on dance.

This is what Petter says about Åshild:

Åshild has long experience dancing, both on the dance floor and in the presentations. Through instructor courses she has been engaged as a dance teacher for children and young people.

Her greatest trait as an instructor is to see both the individual and to read the whole group. With good knowledge of dance traditions and dance techniques, she can use a series of elements for improvisation and variety in the dance.

This is what Åshild says about Petter:

Petter is so good at dancing that I got a real dance love at first when we went dancing!

The dances that Petter led around Europe and the USA, both with dance performances and as an instructor in dance. He seems to dance so much that he has also studied folk dance. He is in his ace when he can improvise on the dance floor to good music.

Do you join HilmarUNG on 8 – 10 November 2019?

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