Who Are You ? Hilmar Festival 2019


Do you think you can expand your address from when you were born? To be judged like this: Bogavegen, Nordsida, Steinkjer, Nord-Trøndelag, Central Norway, Norway, Scandinavia, Europe, Earth, the Solar System, Universe.

The point of this game was to see how far “out” one could go. As a subject, this can also be a useful exercise in understanding how small one is in a larger context. But – we might as well realize that we have a lot in common with other people! We share both local and regional culture, it is only when we get a little further out “in the address” that we can see some differences between us. Sometimes we focus only on these diffrences and not on common traits?

The city and childhood form our identity, albeit we want or not. It gives us values we do not know about, to judged what football team we are going to cheer on (or not ..).

The city and adolescence also give us cultural values and potentialities, while some doors may never be open to us – because they do not exist where we grow up. We cannot learn horse riding in the inner city, it is not our fault if we never get the oppertunity. 

We will present artists and artists who will open our eyes in different ways and show us how diverse and rich culture can be, and how culture can influence and shape our identity. We will show local culture, both when it comes to music, art – and food! You can also enjoy concerts and performances by national and internationally renowned musicians during the Hilmar Festival 2019. 
You can enjoy the performance with fantastic talented children and young people from all over the world, who come with their own “Fargespill” Steinkjer’s motto is “Åpen, Lyd og Glad” which means open, bright and happy. It certainly will be the week of the festival. 

So – who are YOU be after this thrilling cultural exchange?

Come and join us to become part of something bigger. We believe you will have experienced something beautiful and expand your cultural identity! And we are absolutely sure that you have had a great time!