Hilmar Concert 2019


A musical mastero preforms at Hilmar Festivalen 2019. 

Andreas Bjørkås will be this year’s soloist at the traditional Hilmark concert during the Hilmar festival in November. He came from a family with several active folk musicians. He learned to play traditional Norwegian folk music from renowned fiddle players in Oppdal.

After growing up in Oppdal, the journey continued to the folk music journey at Vinstra folk music school. Here he came into an environment where several fellow students have become significant figures in the Norwegian music environment in general, and within the Norwegian folk music environment in particular.

After this, Bjørkås studied folk music and classical music at the Norwegian College of Music. Here he had Per Sæmund Bjørkum, Håkon Høgemo and Terje Moe Hansen as teachers.

Bjørkås has participated in a competitions during this time and won his class several times. In 2013 he won the royal class in fiddle class A at the Landskapleiken in Røros, and has won this class a total of 5 times.
As a soloist he has performed in a series of concerts, dance plays, Radio programs and as a soloist with orchestras. With folk music and old-fashion dance group Nordafjells, he played for many years for dance, in competition and concert tours. Nordafjells won group stage at Landsfestivalen in 2007, NRK was its envoy to the EBU’s Eurofolk in 2008 and also reached the final of the INTRO people in 2009.

Bjørkås currently works as an executive fiddle player and violinist teacher at Trondheim Municipal Cultural School, and associate professor at the Norwegian School of Music in Oslo.

Bjørkås likes to renew and experiment within the framework of the traditions, and also composes music. He is also a regular organizer for several fiddle groups.

He has released two albums with the group Nordafjells, and in 2011 released his own solo CD, “Veiskille”. In 2015 he released a record with Andreas Bjørkås Trio. In addition, he has participated in other releases. In 2019, he and his uncle, Sverre Bjørkås, published a notebook songs by Oppdalsspellman Gunnar Bjerkås.

Andreas Bjørkås has particularly immersed himself in the musical traditions from Oppdal and the surrounding area og Ottadalen and the Røro. He also teaches Hardanger fiddle.

For this year’s Hilmer Concert he brings with him the accordion player Mads Erik Odde from Garmo in Lom.

Mads Erik Odde

Mads Erik Odde is one of the foremost performers in the country on his instrument. Mads Erik is a great benefit as a dance player and instructor, and is a member of constellations such as Lenders, FIRO and Gjevre, Odde & Vårdal.

He has an education from the folk music line at Vinstra and the Norwegian College of Music, where he completed his master’s degree in 2017. In addition to being a teacher in Lom and Skjåk Culture School, Mads Erik works as a freelance musician.
The concert with Andreas Bjørkås and Mads Erik Odde will be Friday 8 November 2019.

Single tickets for the concert will be put up for sale later, but Earlybird festival tickets are on sale now.  https://hilmarfestivalen.hoopla.no/sales/4036258380