The Hilmar Festival is entirely dependent on having a good staff of volunteers to be able to exist at all. There are many small and large tasks that must be done during the festival, and we always need people who can imagine making a dedicated and intensive effort together with us who are in the administration. Being a volunteer means getting to know many exciting people involved in the festival and we can promise you a great experience and meeting like-minded and fun individuals too.


Here are some of the tasks that volunteers can volunteer to do:


Transportation: Many artists and their equipment must be transported around the festival. Maybe you're fond of driving and can help us here.

Artist Host: It is very important that the artists get good service from the festival and help with anything that crops up.  The artist host will contact the artist / group during their stay, and ensure that they get the help they need when they need it. To do this job, it is important that you are service minded and positive!

Guard: We need people who can make sure that unauthorized people do not enter the room during concerts, or in the schools where people are going to sleep and eat. A job that suits of your social and like to talk with people.

Catering: Everyone needs food. Artists, public and we who work for the festival. Help to create, serve and sell food is an important job and great for those who like to work in teams. Delicious food makes everyone happy!

Programming: There are many practical large and small details that should be in place around an event. Everything from the backstage technical requirements, stage help. It may be that we need helpers who can take care of the children during the Children's Day, hang up posters or put out torches for the torchlight procession. Thousands of things to be arranged! If you have the head in the right place and are fond of fixing things you can be the right person for this job.

This is a taste of some of the work that is going on during a festival. Do you think it sounds fun and and an experience you would enjoy? if so please contact us we would love to hear from you. If you work more than 12 hours voluntarily, you get a free festival pass for the whole festival. If you work 6-12 hours, you get a free ticket for one event.

If you want to register as a volunteer, please fill out the registration form here. Once you have filled it in and sent it off, you will after a while get an email with further explanation of what to do.

Welcome as a volunteer at the Hilmar Festival!