About Hilmar Alexandersen

Hilmar Alexandersen was from Egge in Steinkjer municipality, Nord-Trøndelag. He was born 22nd November 1902 and died on 28th April, 1993.

His virtuoso fiddle playing made him one of the largest folk musicians in Norway and the Nordic countries in the 20th century. Both parents were musicians and Hilmar absorbed all he heard from his childhood. The tone of parenting is the hallmark of the use of pure natural tones in his fiddle.


Hilmar Alexandersen | Hilmarfestivalen

Hilmar was strongly rooted in the traditional, while showing interest and abilities for the innovative and experimental. This was true both in form and content, from solo arrangements to playing with other musicians. Hilmar created a new tradition of strong collaboration between different styles. He was both entertainer, storyteller and musician, keen to explore new styles of music and merge with traditional Norwegian folk music.

Recordings with P.A. Røstad and his orchestra are known and dear to the whole of folk music community in Norway. For many years, he was a regular contributor to NRK's (Norway’s National Broadcaster)  ​​folk music archive and to the folk music half-hour. With his very special tone, Hilmar entered Norwegian music consciousness