Central norwegian center for folkmusic and folk dance

The Hilmar Center is a non profit foundation that works with intangible cultural herritage, especially folk music, folk dance, art and storytelling. The Hilmar Center is formally a part of Stiftinga Hilmar Alexandersen. The foundation has 13 foundation funders. The purpose of the foundation is to be an arena for promoting traditional culture and also culture as an industry. We work with both goals; both independently and at the same time.

The Family and Culture Committee of the Norwegian paraliament gave us the assignment  of beeing Mid-Norway Center for folk music and folk dance in the State Budget for 2014:

The committee points out that Norway is solely responsible for Norwegian folk music and folk dance, and Norway has ratified the UNESCO Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage. It is therefore important that folk music and folk dance also have regional centers on the same level as other music genres. The committee points out that a grant to regional folk music centers will strengthen the organizers of the regions, provide efficient tours, more missions for the musicians and experiences for people throughout the country. Such a commitment will provide music of high artistic quality available to the many and local and regional funding is already in place.

Here is the annual report for Stiftinga Hilmar Alexandersen and MSFF 2017. (In Norwegian)


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