HilmArt is Hilmar Festival's program for the visual arts. Our goal is to present 1-2 temporary works of art of high national / international quality during the Hilmar festival. Dampsaga Culture House, Torget and Steinkjer Church are the most important arenas. HilmArt wants to invite artists to create works of art, preferably installations, especially for the Hilmar festival, works that are gone when the festival is over. Sculptures and installations in, outside or between the central scenes will be works of art festival public and others may experience in passing, but which allow for reflection and reflection - art that is quick to choose, but which has a long aftertaste.

HilmArt also collaborates with Steinkjer Art Association, Kulturskolen, Uppdaldåggån and others about exhibitions during the festival. An important part of this collaboration is the event we have called "Picture games with Champagne, tea and toddy" a walk from exhibition opening to exhibition opening the day before the Hilmar festival opens. This year's exhibition program is almost clear. It comes in the next newsletter!

HilmArt has a dedicated program council that is responsible for planning and implementing the program. Today, Anne Mette Hegdahl is the leader of the program council, and together with Inger Lillesand, Robert Øfsti and Susanne Lyngman they are bringing exciting exhibitions for 2019.


There are no upcoming events at the moment.