The Hilmar Alexandersen Foundation

Stiftinga Hilmar Alexandersen is a Non Profit Foundation and has their head office in Steinkjer. Stiftinga Hilmar Alexandersen works for the preservation and development of the traditional culture, folk music and folk dance.


Mission Statment: Stiftinga Hilmar Alexandersen is a non-profit foundation. The foundation is to be an arena for promoting traditional culture and culture as an industry. The purpose of the foundation is to conduct an annual folk music festival with concerts, courses and other activities related to traditional music, song and dance through the Hilmar Alexandersen folk music festival and other activities throughout the year in line with the purpose.


The foundation can today be said to have four different departments:


1 Subject section


This department performs services and sorts for the genre and consists of


Mid-Norwegian Center for Folk Music and Folk Dance, which will train the three Mid-Norwegian counties when it comes to developing the genre, especially with regard to production, tour development, tour planning and recruitment. Will also look at the chance to work more with intellectual heritage in general.

Part of the Middle Norwegian competence network for rhythmic music (MINK), which works to strengthen music as a culture industry in the three central Norwegian counties.

Nordic secretariat for 22 Nordic organizations gather under the umbrella organization Nordlek. Working on project development and control to take care of and further develop folk dance and folk culture in the Nordic region.



2 Event department


Hilmar festival

FiNT (FolkJazzScena in Nord-Trøndelag). Organizes concerts year-round in Steinkjer, Levanger and Namsos.

HilmART - art program at the Hilmar Festival and exhibitions throughout the year.



3 Project department


Implement project, as for example


Build Dance in Nord-Trøndelag: Trø te '(2011-2013) and The Buildings Dances (2012/13)

Nordlek Voice (2012) and the National Festival of Folk Music (2014)

To get listed statue by Hilmar Alexandersen (2014)

Hilmarfest for 10 years - anniversary book about Stiftinga Hilmar Alexandersen (2016)

Collection of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Henning (2016)

Trøndelag Youth folk music ensemble and Midgardsormen - ongoing

Innherred World Music Ensemble - ongoing

Trondheim weekend in Oslo - 10 - 11 March 2017

Nord-Trøndelag folk music archive (currently in production)



4 Sales department


Norway Folk Management


The foundation also has a wholly owned subsidiary company: Norway Folk Management which works with the commercialization and sale of folk music and folk dance nationally and internationally.


Norway Folk Management has contracts with 8 music groups, and a dance education program.

Network project between Norway's Midpoint and seven music groups - export of culture

The project "Dance in school"

The board of Hilmar Alexandersen Foundation:

Susanne Bratli
Anne Haga, nestleder
Johan Solheim
Geir Egil Larsen
Holger Torset

Foundation Funding Group

Steinkjer Kommune
Steinkjer kunstforening
Noregs ungdomslag
BUL steinkjer
Dampsaga Bad og Kulturbygg
Verdal juniorspellmannslag
Inntrøndelag Ungdomssamlag
Nord-Trøndelag musikkråd
Sør Trøndelag Ungdomslag
Trøndelag Folkemusikklag


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