Fortellerforestilling: Giants med Alice Fernbank, Neil Sutcliffe, and Svend-Erik Engh

13. november 2021

15:00 - 16:30

Samfunnshuset, Steinkjer

Steinkjer Samfunnshus, Kongens Gate, Steinkjer, Norge

Photography by Vincent Jozajtis

GIANTS is a storytelling journey through myth, folktale and legend which dives into the hearts and lives of the big people who once roamed this earth. Svend-Erik Engh (Denmark) and Alice Fernbank (UK), two larger than life storytellers, map the rise and demise of the giants through story and song. Music plays an integral part in the telling of these tales, with powerful underscores and vocal accompaniments from musician Neil Sutcliffe.
The show is a dynamic event with physical characterful storytelling, exploring the richness of a time when giants played a part in every tale. It takes a loving look at their outcast state and follows them through the ages to when humans gradually took over the earth.

Giants will be performed in English.