Storytelling for tourism workshop

17. - 18. mars 2023

09:00 - 16:00

Kulturscenen Vårt Hjem

Vårt Hjem Steinkjer, Kongens Gate, Steinkjer, Norge

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***Only 12 participants*** TALE-members - free course For questions and participation; Call Johan Einar Bjerkem: 928 40 553, or send an e-mail: [email protected]

Storytelling for tourism workshop

Professional Storytelling workshop for tourist guides, museum staff and people working in the tourist sector. A two days intensive and practical workshop run by a master performing Storyteller to discover the secrets of the most ancient and engaging of performing Arts: oral Storytelling.

A creative and intense professional development experience to learn oratory skills and how to connect places, people and cultural experiences through stories and narrative.

Trainer: Paola Balbi , professional Performing Storyteller and designer of the “Storytelling for Tourism Training” followed by the Licensed tour guides of Rome, co-artistic director of Raccontamiunastoria Storytelling Company, founder and co-artistic director of the International Storytelling Festivals of Rome and Bolzano in Italy and of Dubai and Sharjah – UAE



The workshop will explore the following topics, applying the technique on landscape and tangible heritage related stories:

  • structure of the story
  • what is a story?
  • memorization technique through images
  • improvisation of words and development of oratory skills
  • direct communication with the audience
  • gestures and body language for Storytelling
  • how to apply a “point of view ” to the narrative
  • how to use the 5 senses in the telling
  • how to engage a contemporary audience with ancient/traditional heritage stories
  • what is the International Storytelling Revival with focus on the European present situation
  • how to bring back to life myths and stories from the past in order to make them relevant for today
  • how can we “update” stories by respecting the tradition and their original content?
  • how to use the landscape and tangible heritage as a story setting
  • storytelling for tourism formats: story tours, story visits, blended formats with tour/museum guides and Storytellers

Note: Participants can bring a story material related to a site they want to exploit to work on, alternatively a selection of stories will be provided.

The workshop targets:

·        people working in the hospitality sector who wish to learn the skills to create and communicate a deep connection between their structure, the landscape and their customers.

·        museum staff and exhibition curators wishing to exploit tangible cultural content through stories and connection with the visitors.

·        everyone  who is fascinated by stories, Storytelling and the oral tradition and wishes to know more.

·        everyone who wishes to explore the connection between places and stories and people.

·        tour guides wishing to find new and alternative ways to personalize their tours and visits and to acquire oratory skills to engage their customers with an effective and entertaining communication.

·        tour guides wishing to learn new skills to exploit their territory and its tangible heritage through intangible heritage and stories.

·        storytellers and young storytellers who wish to improve their technique.

·        teachers who wish to transform fieldtrips into more engaging experiences and to improve their connection and communication skills through the use of metaphors and stories.

·        everyone who wants to learn/ improve public speaking skills in an effective and natural way.

About the workshop:

The workshop will be delivered over two days in order to allow to all participants the opportunity to experience and discover the oral Storytelling techniques promoted by the Storytelling Revival and to have enough time to practice the proposed progression of exercises in order to achieve concrete and lasting results. The workshop will provide participants with a methodology to continue their Storytelling practice and improve their skills also after the conclusion of the workshop.

The workshop will be BASIC level; therefore no previous Storytelling experience is required, but please note that the standard of the teaching with be the one of professional performing storytelling and     participants will be engaged in both practical exercise involving also movement, action and live performance as well as theoretical sessions.

Raccontamiunastoria Storytelling   training and style is globally well known and highly praised both is the Performing and the applied Storytelling fields, with the understanding that in order to properly apply Storytelling in any other kind of work is necessary to have a sound Performing Storytelling bases and understanding.

In the last 6 years more than 100 Licensed tour guides of Rome have followed Raccontamiunastoria Storytelling training, the vast majority of them is successfully applying the skills to their job and many of them are promoting on the market new tours, visits and touristic formats with Storytelling as well as collaborating with storytellers to offer innovative tourist experiences to their customers. A few of them have even taken the extra step and become performing storytellers themselves in their own right.

A certificate of attendance will be given to all participants that will complete the workshop to certify the number of hours and the completed basic Storytelling Training.

Raccontamiunastoria Storytelling Training is recognized by FEST- Federation for European Storytelling

About the trainer: Paola Balbi

Paola is a trained actress with a BA in acting from National Academy of Dramatic Arts Silvio D’Amico in Roma (Italian State Drama School), a professional Performing Storyteller and an artistic director of Storytelling events, performances and International Festivals.

Passionate about mythology, ancient stories, intercultural exchange and travels, Paola is a globe trotter and shares her time between Rome and Dubai and Storytelling tours all over the world and she features with her performances in the programme of the most prestigious Storytelling Festivals across Europe, US, Canada and the Middle east on a regular base.

She has been the pioneer of the Storytelling Revival in Italy and has raised a new generation of professional Storytellers in her native country as well as in her adoptive country of UAE.

Together with Davide Bardi, with whom she shares the stage and her career since 2007, she is the founder and artistic director of Raccontamiunastoria Storytelling Company, leading Storytelling organization in Italy.

Paola and Davide have developed together in years a Professional Storytelling Training known as “Raccontamiunastoria method” aiming to develop Performing Storytelling techniques through an organic progression workshops on different levels (Basic, Advance and Professional Development) where participants experience a progressive series of exercises involving body and voice connection as well as imagination and work on the story structure, narrative and performing style.

Passionate about international collaborations, Storytelling as an Art Form and new ventures, with Raccontamiunastoria Paola has facilitated the birth and fostered the development of several new Storytelling organizations and Festivals founded by her students in Italy and the Middle East.

17. – 18. March 2023: Vårt Hjem, Steinkjer 09.00 – 16.00

For questions and participation; Call Johan Einar Bjerkem: 928 40 553, or send an e-mail: [email protected]

NB! Only 12 participants!

Kjøp billetter

***Only 12 participants*** TALE-members - free course For questions and participation; Call Johan Einar Bjerkem: 928 40 553, or send an e-mail: [email protected]