Hilmarfest i 10 år

Hilmarfest i 10 år

The Hilmar Festival has made the traditional music & culture more popular and lively in the Trøndelag region.

The Hilmar Alexandersen folk music festival book is a celebration on of 10 years of the festival. With close to 1000 individual events staged this book explains the r 10 year  journey,  prehistory & development and less from the first ten festivals.

Festival history is framed by Stiftinga Hilmar Alexandersen’s other activities: reputation building, experience production, activities for children and young people,  and industry development. Together, this has made the traditional culture more alive to the public and more lively to the performers.

The Hilmar Festival promotes traditional culture and you can read in this book from the many people who contribute to the continued success of the Hilmar Festival.

Produktet kan kjøpes på Kongensgate 30 i Steinkjer eller gjennom bestillingsskjemaet nedenfor.

Pris: 200,-